“Very unique; a distinctive blend of molasses and caramel with the perfect touch of funk
behind the tropical fruit, tobacco and lingering candied nuances. Stunning purity.”
Wyatt Peabody, spirits journalist

“These rums are absurdly good.”
Dave Catania, S
pirits Evangelist, Burke Distributing



Panamá-Pacific 9 años, 47.3%, Panama
Aromas of bitter vanilla and creamy, toasted muscovado sugar, big butter and wood, almost a creme brûlée, with juicy fruit and coconut banana cherry/almond subtleties. The palate opens with a delicate sweet butter and caramel entry before a bright warmth in mid-palate leads to rich wood, a little more cherry/almond, then cocoa nibs after mid-palate. Delicious dessert notes fade into wood in the finish.”

Panamá-Pacific 23 años, 42.3%, Panama
Aromas of ripe butter, subtle flan caramel custard and white raisin above dried fruit and spices. The palate opens with sweet caramel that quickly gives way to charred wet wood, with white raisin close behind before subtle coconut husk and banana leading to nice long buttery woody notes that linger in the long finish.”

“Rob’s Rum Guide”